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Doon cabs service in Dehradun – Get the best Car Rental service

Are you planning your next trip to visit any nearby city? Get the best cab service in Dehradun, Doon cabs. Doon cabs are the most known name in the cab industry for a few years now. They’ve been in the business for many years and customers trust them for the services they provide. Doon taxi service in Dehradun has been a trustworthy name among customers for years now.

Doon cabs cover whole North India and offer their services in all of the major North Indian cities. You can even book intra city travel taxis such as Delhi to Dehradun or Dehradun to Delhi. There are a lot of things you can do in Dehradun and its neighboring parts. We will cover all those things in this article and why you will need a cab service like Doon cab to complete your journey.

Doon Cabs Contact Number +91 921-206-9317

Doon Cabs Contact Number For Customer Helpline, Driver Helpline, Vender Support +91 921-206-9317

Doon Cabs Customer Helpline Numbers
  1. For Customer Support Contact Number : +91 921-206-9313.
  2. Doon Cab Mobile Number is +91 921-206-9317
  3. For New Booking Doon Cabs Number: +91 971-646-4638
  4. Doon Cabs Business (B TO B or Corporate) : +91 921-206-9317
  • Doon Cabs Email id - info@dooncabs.in
  • Doon Cabs Phone Number is +91 921-206-9317
  • Driver Support Number : +91 921-206-9317
  • Doon Cabs Vender Support Number is +91 971-646-4638

How To Book Doon Cabs ?

Doon Cabs Book 3 Easy Steps
  • Fill Your Pickup Location or DropLocation and Fill Travel Date & Time.
  • First Steps Complete then show available cabs which matches your information.
  • In this steps fill your personal details like (Name, Email, Phone Number) and You Can Book Doon Cabs Through Cash or Online.

Doon Cabs Fare

Doon Cab Fare Is Very Cheapest for One-Way Cab, Round-Trip Taxi, Taxi Service For Outstation, Local Car Rental In Dehradun, Jolly Grant Airport Taxi Transfer.

Cab Type Taxi Type Fares
Hatch Back Local Rental RS 800
Sedan cAB Local Rental RS 1000
SUV Local Rental RS 2000
Hatch Back One-Way RS 2500/*
Sedan cAB One-Way RS 2700/*
SUV One-Way RS 4000/*
Hatch Back Outstation RS 9/Km
Sedan cAB Outstation RS 10/Km
SUV Outstation RS 13/Km

One Way Doon Taxi Service From Dehradun To Delhi

Book one way doon taxi service from dehradun to delhi in very lowest fare. doon taxi service charge only one side if traveller book one side cab. Doon Taxi Service have popular taxi services.

Taxi Service in Dehradun

Book Best Taxi Service in Dehradun with GTS Cab Only Rs 799. GTS Cab offered Outstation Taxi Service from Dehradun, Local Car Rental Service In Dehradun, Dehradun Airport Taxi

  • Doon Taxi Service for outstation
  • Doon Taxi Service For Round Trip.
  • Doon Taxi Service For Airport Transfer.

What are the advantages of using Doon cabs as your partner for traveling?

Many people think that it doesn’t matter which cab service you choose, they’re all the same. Well, this is not true at all, in fact, cab service providers differ in how they provide and run their services. Let’s have a closer look at what are the advantages of using the Doon cabs as a preferred travel partner.

  • Online booking: The best thing about Doon cabs is that you can book online on their website or with the Doon cabs app which is available on the Play Store. You can also call on Doon cabs contact number to book the cab which you will find on their website.
  • Affordable pricing: You will get the customized pricing for each trip you are taking with Doon cab service. They have really affordable prices for the middle-class consumers and you also have the option to choose from the high-end vehicles.
  • Customer care: Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Doon cabs from Booking to the end of your journey. The customer care executives are always there to support the users with all their queries and problems related to booking and cabs. And the best part is that they are available 24*7 to support the users. You can travel worry-free with Doon car rental.
  • AC and Non-AC Service: You can get all types of vehicles from the Doon cabs AC or Non-AC. If you are traveling to the hot deserts of Jaipur, you might want to book a cab with proper AC running in the cab. You can also book non-AC cabs for destinations like Haridwar.
  • Luggage Space: It is very important to carry a few things to your tourist destination. Not all cabs and cars have ample luggage space but you will get adequate luggage space in all the cars with Doon cabs service. Now, you can carry all your essentials without any worry about the space.

If you are in Dehradun and want to visit the neighboring places, book a Doon cab and get a tour of places on the car with ease. Here are the places you can visit near Dehradun. You can book one way Doon cabs for outstation Doon cabs according to your needs.

Weekend Destinations near Dehradun

  • Mussoorie – It is one of the most famous hill stations in India and most tourist include it their places to visit list whenever they are Uttarakhand. You can enjoy the serenity of Mussoorie and have the time of your life. It is not too far from Dehradun, you can book a Doon cab and fulfill your dream.
  • Dhanaulti – If you are looking for unmatched greenery and the compelling surrounding which include snow and Himalayan peaks in the backdrop, Dhanaulti is the place for you to visit. You can easily book a Doon cab and enjoy the destination and scenic locations.
  • Kalsi – Kalsi is a famous town for its heritage importance, it is a small town in Jaunsar-Bawar belt region at rivers Tons and Yamuna. It can be an escape plan for all the people who are looking to get away from the boring city life and enjoy the perfect weekend. The highlight of the Kalsi village is the Ashoka Rock Edict.
  • Haridwar – Haridwar has charm and attracts people even if they are not religiously inclined. You will fall in love with the city once you set foot in for the first time. Haridwar is the best city for the full family outing you can do on any weekend.
  • Chakrata – This is a place that can provide you the soothing experience you need and want. It is the place to get disconnected from the rest of the outside world. It is tucked between the rivers Yamuna and Tons. If you are looking to get away from the fast-paced city life and peaceful experience, you should visit Chakrata from Dehradun.
  • Delhi – You can also book Doon cabs Dehradun to Delhi for the weekend getaway. Delhi is one of the best places to visit for anyone who loves to see historical architectures.

Dehradun city has a lot to offer to the tourists as well, here are the best destinations to visit in Dehradun city.

Best Tourist places in Dehradun city

  • Malsi Deer Park – Malsi Deer Park is the best destination for you to visit with your family and friends. It is one of the most famous picnic spots in Dehradun city.
  • Robber Cave – It is a long narrow natural cave which is surrounded by lofty hills and freezing cold springs inside. It is one of the best picnic spots in the city. People go there for picnics, excursions, and trekking.
  • Anthropological Museum – This five-decade-old museum is the place where you can see all the cultural influences of the early inhabitants of Garhwal. You will be amazed by the artifacts there, you will forget about whose history it is and just admire it.
  • MindRolling Monastery – It is the best Buddhist learning center in India, it is dedicated to the research of the Buddhist scriptures, astronomy, and calligraphy. The temple is one of the most famous places in Dehradun for tourists.

Visiting all these destinations will require a safe and trusted source for transportation. Doon car rental service will provide you with the kind of service you need. They offer great prices and provide 24*7 support to all their users with an immediate solution. Nothing can go wrong if you choose Doon cabs as your travel partner for all the tourist destinations.

Doon Cabs Most Popular Routes

Doon Cab service is catering to the All Over north India. However, there are some popular routes where our Doon Cabs is actively running all the time.

Taxi For Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun

Book Taxi for Jolly Grant Airport In Lowest Fare. Jolly Grant Airport is located in Dehradun Uttrahkand, Dehradun International Airport is also known as Jolly Grant Airport which is located 30 Km south-east of Dehradun Uttrakhand.

Dehradun To Jolly Grant Airport Distance?

Distance from Dehradun to Jolly Grant Airport is 30 Km and you can reach 1h :00.

Jolly Grant Airport To Dehradun Taxi Fare

Book Jolly Grant Airport To Dehradun Taxi Just Only Rs 799.

How to reach Dehradun city from the Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun?

Book GTS Cab for Dehradun Airport. Jolly Grant Airport is around 30 KM from Dehradun City

Jolly Grant to Dehradun Cab

Jolly Grant Airport Taxi

Dehradun To Dehradun Airport Cab

One-Way Cab From Jolly Grant Airport To Reshikesh

Haridwar To Dehradun Airport Taxi Servive

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