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Garhwal Taxi Service in Dehradun Uttrakhand Taxi Service

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is a picturesque location with a beautiful view of the Ganga flowing on either side of the city and breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges. Dehradun is situated in the northeast region of Garhwal, the city is the heart of Garhwal. With all the beauty, it is one of the beautiful and majestic places to visit with equally amazing people to interact with. Dehradun has become a hot tourist destination day by day.

Traveling to Dehradun and from has been the question mark for some time. There are many types of transportation available but most of them don’t suit the needs of a traveler. A traveler needs a service that sets them free from the boundaries set by bus or train. The best option for you is to travel by taxi, you wouldn’t have to worry about the timing of your bus or train. You will be free from reaching the bus stop or train station an hour earlier. People who want a ride with fewer obstructions should opt for Garhwal taxi service.

Garhwal Taxi Service Fare List

Uttrakhand Taxi Service Fare Is Very Cheapest for One-Way Taxi Service, RoundTrip Taxi, Outstation Taxi Service, Local Car Rental, Jolly Grant Airport Cab Service.

Cab Type Taxi Type Fares
Hatch Back Local Rental RS 800
Sedan cAB Local Rental RS 1000
SUV Local Rental RS 2000
Hatch Back One-Way RS 2500/*
Sedan cAB One-Way RS 2700/*
SUV One-Way RS 4000/*
Hatch Back Outstation RS 9/Km
Sedan cAB Outstation RS 10/Km
SUV Outstation RS 13/Km

Garhwal Taxi Service Number

Garhwal taxi service in Dehradun

GTS cab is one of the most recognized names in North India providing top of the class cab services. With GTS cabs, the cities like Agra, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Haridwar are closer now. You can book a taxi to and from these cities with GTS cabs. GTS cabs provide the most affordable cab solutions to the general users which they can’t get otherwise. The services of GTS cabs include rentals, shared taxi and carpooling.

You can even book a Round-trip any of the cities in North India served by GTS cabs. Due to the diverse portfolio and amazing pricing people love to travel with GTS cabs. Let’s look at some points to why people love GTS cab services.

Why Choose Garhwal taxi service in Dehradun

There are countless reasons to choose Garhwal taxi service and few of them are listed here.

  • GTS cabs offer their services in many North Indian cities such as Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh, Dehradun, etc.
  • The travelers get the most economical rates to form them as them.
  • They have the best pick up and drop facility which offers the ease of traveling for the passengers.
  • GTS cabs offer the best services whether you are looking for intercity cabs or intracity cabs.
  • GTS cabs always prefer the security and safety of the passenger over anything in the world.
  • You’ll get clean cabs and great quality cars to drive around the city and roam freely.
  • GTS cabs have tailor-made packages for everyone to provide them the comfort they need.
  • All drivers are carefully selected with a process, you’ll get a well behaved, knowledgeable and experienced driver for your travel.
  • GTS cabs also assist the travelers in unfortunate situations in remote locations with ease.
  • GTS cabs - Garhwal Taxi Service have different types of cabs such as AC non-AC, 4 seaters and 8 seaters.
  • They have transparent payment policy for the users to easily understand it.
  • A 24-hour customer service team will help in any of your endeavor related to the taxi services.

Why you should visit Dehradun

Dehradun is a great place to visit and here are some of the reasons why you should visit Dehradun.

  • You should visit Dehradun if you want to enjoy the happenings in the day and sleep peacefully at night.
  • Dehradun has many tourist destinations close by to visit any time you want.
  • You can try different types of food from some amazing restaurants.
  • Try to interact with the pahadi culture and traditions.
  • You can visit some important and amazing places in Dehradun such as The Clock Tower, The Asan Barrage, Rajaji National Park and many more.
  • Sweets of Dehradun are very famous and everyone who visits Dehradun should try it.
  • And most importantly, the weather of Dehradun is next level.

Dehradun has a lot to offer apart from the awesome weather and a few sweet shops. You can take a look at our list of places to visit in Dehradun, you can visit all these places in a single round if you book a GTS cab for the day.

Let’s look at the places you must visit whenever you come to Dehradun.

Places to Visit In Dehradun

  • Tapkeshwar Temple – It is one of the oldest temples in the city which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The visit to Dehradun isn’t complete if you don’t visit this temple. This temple is built around a natural cave where water drops continuously on the Shiva Lingam. It is one of the key attractions in Dehradun.
  • Mindrolling Monastery – It is the largest Buddhist learning center in India which is dedicated to the research of Buddhist scriptures, astronomy, and traditional Tibetan medicine and calligraphy. It houses vibrant looking wall paintings depicting the life of Buddha.
  • Malsi Deer Park – If you are a wildlife lover, you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing park with plenty of wildlife. This park houses most wildlife species such as deer, nilgai, leopard, eagle, and peacock. It is spread in over 25 hectares and act as a habitat for all these species. It is one of the best picnic spots among tourists in Dehradun.
  • Sahastradhara – It is also known as thousand fold spring, the most beautiful and serene location you will find in all of Dehradun. It is a must-see place for every visitor, it is the most famous place among locals and seniors in Dehradun.
  • National Adventure Sports Academy – Dehradun offers things to do for everyone, it has an adventure sports academy for the people who love adventure sports. You can enjoy an aerial view of the most of the Dehradun with the amazing paragliding experience.

Travel to all these destinations is not that easy and you would need a trusted and safe transportation option. GTS cabs is the way to go for all your travel adventures while you are in Dehradun city. You can get amazing service and quality from the experienced and professionals in the cab business.

Garhwal Taxi Service Most Popular Destination

Garhwal Taxi service is catering to the whole Uttrakhand. However, there are some popular routes & Destination where our Garhwal taxi Service is actively running all the time.

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